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What Students Say

I highly recommend my SAP HANA training @ CitLearning I realized that CiTlearning is consistent, dedicated, and really beneficial. My instructor Beena called the shots in class but in a very creative, communicative manner.
Neha, Mississauga
My training in SAP CRM was just recently concluded. My trainer Yasir was really awesome and had a thorough knowledge of the subject and always gave the best during the training.
Ian, Toronto
It was with Sania that I had my SAP HR at CiTLearning. She was outstanding and was passionate about SAP even if at first I was reluctant of going online training; it was both pleasurable and convenient going back to my video recordings.
Annie, London, England
I am overjoyed by my training in SAP CRM Technical because I was able to involve myself during the sessions and be with the competent IT professionals of CiTlearning. Good job Amarnath.
Gretchen, Germany
The SAP BI course helped form my IT career and CitLearning just gave me my first certification. For many out there still deciding on where to go, the answer is CiTLearning. Its accredited, with a great professional staff, especially my instructor Beena.
David, Vancouver

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SAP HANA @ Online / InClass
Mar 28 @ 2:00 PM

SAP HANA training. Limited seats please register A.S.A.P.

SAP HANA Course Outline


SAP CRM Webinar @ Online
Mar 30 @ 1:00 AM
SAP CRM Webinar @ Online | Toronto | Ontario | Canada

Please register for a demo or register for a class. Limited seats available.

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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) @ Academy Address
Mar 30 @ 2:00 PM
SAP SD (Sales & Distribution)  @ Academy Address | Toronto | Ontario | Canada

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